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 投稿者:Taishi  投稿日:2011年 9月26日(月)15時44分19秒

How was your presentation?

 投稿者:Taishi  投稿日:2011年 9月 1日(木)16時46分20秒
  I enjoyed your presentations yesterday.
How did you feel?

Some were very interesting.


 投稿者:kensuke  投稿日:2011年 8月31日(水)00時11分7秒
  Hello! I'm kensuke.

Recently I met as junior high school student's soccer teammate.
We played soccer game.
I was very enjoyed.
After that we went to yakiniku.
Karubi was very delicious.

Thank you for reading.


 投稿者:kensuke  投稿日:2011年 8月30日(火)23時59分48秒
  Hello!I'm kensuke.

Yesterday was last day in summer holidays.
I went to yomiurirand pool.
It have many pools.
For example wave pool and flow pool.
We played water slider.
It was very exciting.
We warmed up of live.

Thank you for reading.

Resort area of metropolitan area

 投稿者:Gen  投稿日:2011年 8月30日(火)21時52分46秒
返信・引用 編集済
  Hello!I'm Gen Hibiya.
I went to Itou of Shizuoka with my friend from July the 26~28.
I ate all kinds of dried fish.
I ate Kusaya,hellish in my mouth.
My had bad breath when I ate this one.
I went sea.
The sea was indeed very,very interesting.
That taste unforgettable again.

Thank you

Northern part of Honsyu

 投稿者:Gen  投稿日:2011年 8月30日(火)21時37分21秒
  Hello!I'm Gen Hibiya.
I went to Oirase and Hiraiizumi of Aomori from August the 19~21.
Oirase is well knoen as a summer resort and apple producing area.
Hiraizumi is world heritage.
The place is wel knoen as a golden temple.
This temple name is Tyuusonzi temple.
My eye are irritated by the strong light.
Very beautiful a view.
The scene was deeply etchend in my mind.

Thank you.

The a land of dream

 投稿者:Gen  投稿日:2011年 8月30日(火)21時16分3秒
  Hello!I'm Gen Hibiya.
I went to Disney sea in August 6th.
My weak point is a roller coaster.
But ride in a roller coaster.
I had dreadful experience.
However,it was very happy.
I will go to Disney sea again.

Thank you.

last day...

 投稿者:Haruna  投稿日:2011年 8月30日(火)00時58分19秒
  Today was last day in summer holidays.

today,My family went to restaurant in lunch.
I ate a hamburger steak.
It was delicious.
And,I did homework all times...
I did it so far.
I think that I should do a hoddy premeditatedly.

Thank you.


 投稿者:Sayuri  投稿日:2011年 8月30日(火)00時45分23秒
  Hi! Im Sayuri.

In August 28th.
I went to Machida with my friends.
We went to karaoke!!!
I sang Disney’s song and AKB48’s song.
I terribly enjoyed.
Next we went to dinner<3
I ate hamburger steak and breads.
It was very delicious.
I was happy:)
Thank you.


 投稿者:Nozomi  投稿日:2011年 8月29日(月)23時45分32秒
  Hello my name is Nozomi.
I went to elementary school to open a time capsule in August 20.
Grand had time capsule for ten years.
So time capsule was very bud smell.
A time capsule was written about then myself.
I can meet my friend after a long time.
I enjoyed.
Thank you for reading.